Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Biggest Market Yet!

We like to ask the patrons of the market how they would improve the market if they had the ability to do so. While we know that our market is absolutely perfect (wink, wink), we still welcome suggestions and one that we hear most often is that we need more vendors. We want the Mt. Airy Village Farmers' Market to become a neighborhood staple and since our success directly depends on the patrons who live in the neighborhood, we thought it prudent to honor your collective request. Therefore...

This upcoming Thursday the Mt. Airy Village Farmers' Market is a market ON THE GROW! Along with our usual cadre of farmers who never fail to deliciously delight, this week the market gains a new vendor - Brûlée Bakery!

Brûlée Bakery's confections can be found throughout the city at various farmers' markets, although this will be their first appearance in Mt. Airy. Helmed by Chef Lila Jai, Brûlée  combines classic French pastry technique with a locally sourced flavor (their farming partners include the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative and Natural By Nature Organics), examples of which include breads, tarts, muffins, cakes, cookies, brownies and more (some of which are even gluten-free)!!! Come out to welcome our newest addition and come away with cookies. Nice.

Neil's Sharpening Service will be at market Thursday. Neil is in the business of sharpening knives, scissors, garden clippers, axes, hatchets, drill bits, circular saw blades, the list goes on and on...essentially if you have something sharp - he will make it sharper.

This week's craft vendor is a Mt. Airy local (right on!). LS-Drew Graphics is a one person printmaking studio specializing in wearable images on screen printed T-shirts. Laurel Schwass-Drew (the aforementioned "one person") has an ever-evolving collection of eclectic fashion that reflects her personality and is comprised of various techniques (drawing, relief printing, stamping, and more).

We would be remiss if we didn't mention market stalwarts, Sorbello Girls and Weavers Way Farm. Every week these farms bring fresh and local produce that never fails to disappoint. This is a pretty big market this week folks. If you like a variety, make sure you come out and support us this week!

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